Distriplus wants to invest in a true omnichannel experience for their customers, engaging them in an even stronger way.

Integrating different customer touch points and automatically reacting with the right message on the right moment towards the right customer, implied that they were looking for a contextual marketing tool that can manage and deliver these combinations in an omnichannel environment.

Exactly what our Hybris solutions are specialized in.


Distriplus is a 100% Belgium retail group in the beauty and care sector with the brands Planet Parfum and Di. With more than 200 stores in Belgium and Luxembourg and 1000 employees, Distriplus generates an annual turnover of € 200 million. Planet Parfum is number two in the area of selective distribution of perfumery.

Distriplus case


After the first personalized email campaigns, Distriplus will collect data on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to assess and act on the sentiment of the customers (e.g. with SMS). Distriplus is also exploring the usage of predictive information (sales figures, events, weather,…) for an optimization of its stock management.

"We want to predict the next action of the customer"

Rudy Dodémont, Distriplus IT Manager


Hybris marketing runs on the same HANA box as BW to ensure that all relevant data is immediately available for marketing purposes and reporting.

Customer case: Distriplus from delaware | digital on Vimeo.



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