Engage emotionally with customers on their terms.


Selligent combines the most important elements that brands need to put consumers first: Campaign management, consumer preference, targeting, optimization,… These are the fundamentals to build long-term loyalty with your clients, to your mutual benefit.

Creating a unique customer profile is an ongoing process. The more you get to know your customers, the more you can catch moments. Constantly adapting your campaigns by using previously gained insights enables you to engage your clients more effectively, allowing you to improve overall customer satisfaction. 


Only 36%  of the Belgian companies individualizes their E-mail campaigns based on individual customer profiles. Together we can take the necessary steps to create high performing personalized campaigns where that specific moment is key.    

Endless possibilities

Reach your customers based on their preferences and behavior. Selligent’s primary focus is email marketing, while also offering solutions for mobile, social and web. All data can be accessed from one single view, allowing you to engage with your customer in the moment they need you the most. 

Contextual Marketing is the Key to Engaging Customers in a Connected World.

Who is Selligent?

As a Belgian company specialized in automation marketing, Selligent has evolved into an established 90-person company well known to relationship marketers. By collaborating with Strongview, a cross-channel marketing company, Selligent is expanding its services to the US.