Aprimo's ability to handle an omnichannel approach becomes crucial to serve the customer that travels across devices and locations.


Where can I find the latest version of our product images?”, “Why hasn’t this copy been updated yet?”, “Why do I have to re-enter the same data twice?” … If you recognize these situations, you will know how frustratingly, time-consuming unaligned business data can be.

Much like birds aligned to fly in an effective V formation, Single Source of Truth arranges your data in a straightforward way in order to maximize efficiency.


Aprimo's strength lies in its capability of largely automating complex processes, making it a lot easier for you to input and distribute new product data across channels.


The industrial Etex group is present in 44 countries, because of its vastness, product content was historically maintained in a distributed way. This led to a considerable overlap in product offering within the organization, causing unnecessary data duplication and data inconsistencies.

Fueling moments for Etex.

Who is Aprimo software

Aprimo helps brands deliver great customer experiences. Their software creates, manages and distributes marketing material that engages customers at every moment in a product’s lifecycle.