Provide excellent customer experience throughout the different brands.


As international emblematic brand of the SEB group, Tefal is the first of four brands to receive a new website within the next three years.

In order to disclose moments before, during and after the sale on the web and mobile platforms, delaware I digital did not only use a graphic and ergonomic design but also integrated a webshop. To provide excellent customer experience across the globe, multilingual and ‘graphic’ personalization is provided on each website.


Delaware I digital was implied at all stages of the project from the definition to the roll-out : workshop facilitation, functional design, integration, unit testing, assistance to the recipe users, support for international expansion and industrialization of change management.


Because the website will be used in different countries, all functionalities will be ‘ready to use’. Depending on the different market needs such as selling online and sharing features on social networks, the desired functionalities will be implemented.

'Each brand website will be deployed in 40 countries (200 sites) within 3 years.'


 The solution is based on a single platform: Hybris. Thank to its endless possibilities the SEB group can easily implement the technology on other brands, while respecting their own identity.