Customers can now visualize floors in an interactive showroom and share the room with their friends.


Quickstep decided they were ready for e-commerce. Buying a floor online or in a shop, should offer the same experience. How do you create the same experience online that you have in a physical store?

We implemented personalization of content in an interactive showroom that offers the same possibilities that you have in a physical store.


Unilin Quickstep produces laminate floors. It’s part of Mohawk Industries, a worldwide company specialized in fabricating floors. Mohawk Industries employs 30.000 people and they have more than 25.000 customers.  


With PIM, Quick-Step can easily add commercial and technical data to basic product data for both web and print use. The multi-lingual Sitecore solution enhances customer experiences for consumers in more than 38 countries.

'Aspiring to inspire with Quick-Step'


Customers can choose from a very wide range of products. This makes personalization more challenging. Customers can now build their own showrooms and save them on a personal account. At any moment, they can see their creations and share them with their friends..