Providing excellent customer experience, every time in every situation.


Lenovo wanted to create an e-support site to provide their clients with the best possible user experience. The main objective was to help clients as fast as possible when they reach out.

Delaware I digital created a user-friendly website with seamless navigation and innovative design, to connect Lenovo with its clients. 


Lenovo is a global personal technology company with 54.000 employees, active in more than 160 countries. Together they value their mantra ‘We do what we say, we own what we do’. With this impressive size, Lenovo reaches a turnover of $39 billion.


Several user-friendly solutions were implemented to help the client as efficiently as possible. Manuals, software, FAQ and a self-guided helpdesk are implemented to serve every single customer. On top of that remote diagnoses, status tracking and system updates are activated.

'Connected wherever, whenever'


Because Lenovo is active in 160 countries, the site is multi-location, multi-language and multi-currency. Sitecore fits perfectly with their needs. To provide a clear overview of the different documents, a CMS-solution is implemented.