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Because of its vastness, product content was historically maintained in a distributed way. This led to a considerable overlap in product offering within the organization, causing unnecessary data duplication and data inconsistencies.

An Aprimo solution was offered to solve these matters together with a Sitecore platform to target and approach new and existing visitors. This results in consistency in both online – and offline activities for Etex.



Etex is a Belgian industrial company with its specialization in fabricating and marketing building materials and – systems of high quality. This results in a wide offering of products in all the different countries where they are active.  



The main purpose of this project was to bring together, structure and enrich product information into a PIM solution. Product information will be stored in 1 central place  where it can be used for marketing and sales purposes. This results in easy-to-access, structured product information for all Etex offices.

‘One single source of truth, for 44 countries, 121 production sites and 17.000 employees.’


The adaptability of Sitecore allows the platform to grow worldwide and prepares the website for mobile and tablets. To enhance the experience for new and existing visitors,  communication is personalized based on their profile. This successfully guides visitors on their journey with Etex.