Combining moments across all channels should be a priority in this day and age.


Descours & Cabaud uses digital and printed catalogs to snap moments with their clients. They successfully closed the gap between on and offline.

Being consistent throughout different channels is key to delivering excellent customer experience. In order to do so Descours & Cabaud is now able to communicate in a full omnichannel approach (e-commerce websites, electronic catalogs) and editorials (paper).


For 230 years, Descours & Cabaud is present on the market for professional distribution (industry and the building sector) and has established itself as a leader. With the widest range of the market, Descours & Cabaud serves moments for its clients in the areas of building and public work, industry and service.


The Product Information Management (PIM) currently implemented is based on a Hybris platform. This system enables business users to enrich the products with marketing information, throughout validation workflows. 

'PIM allowed us to refocus on customer needs.'


The Hybris-build PIM marketing automation features are now used at their full potential. This allowed them to refocus on customer needs and providing a sustainable and qualitative view of the products.