The key to improve the relationship between Aveve and their customers, is to create outstanding customer experience for every disclosed moment.


By implementing different levels of personalization,  Aveve continuously inspires their clients in their customer journey and in finding relevant content on their website. Based on previous and real-time behavior the client will see related content, products and recipes

User-friendly navigation combined with responsive design guide the client through the website. Thanks to deep analytics Aveve is now able to gain more insights on their different customer moments, which provides an optimized customer experience.


Aveve group is the market leader when it comes to agriculture and horticulture supplies in Belgium. It also operates the largest chain of the country concerning garden, animals and homebaking. This chain contains more than 250 shops in Belgium.


“Marie & Michel” were created to personalize moments between Aveve and its clients. They are seen as the experts of Aveve. Clients are able to ask a variety of questions and give remarks through different channels. This personal approach adds emotional value to Aveve’s contact with their customer.

"Customer stories and interaction are key" 
Christel Berings, Marketing Aveve


To show real time prices and content of over 30.000 products, Aprimo has been integrated with sitecore and Aveve’s ERP system. In the future this technology will also be used for brochures, social media and magazines. To measure engagement the sitecore analytics tool was implemented.