Due to the increased competition in various sectors, a good design is gaining more importance and is often the decisive factor into choosing for a specific product or service. With good design, companies can gain more trust with the end user because it often reflects the durability of their organisation onto their products or services. Good design will create a WOW!-factor amongst users that will make the product or service more desirable for your target audience.


How do you recognise good design?

Does the design make it understandable and usable?

Does the design reflect your brand?

Is the design unobtrusive and isn’t it too pronounced?


But on top of gaining new customers, people will also enjoy interacting with your product or service more. If people like working with or using your product that will increase retention rates and will help the overall satisfaction. Which will in turn lead to customers propagating your brand.

“94% of people cited web design as the reason they mistrusted or rejected  a website“


We’re in a time where every serious business is online in one way or another, that means that the web is often the first impression a user has of your brand. We should ask ourselves: does our website design reflects our brand and/or products?