Heading for China? It is important that marketers understand how to personalize experience to individual Chinese consumers
if they want to penetrate into the China market.

Forget Email

Unlike the west, not every Chinese consumer has their own personal email, whereas, they use email just only for work purpose. Therefore, email is not the most efficient online channel in China. So, if you would like to penetrate your business into China, remember this golden rule – “FORGET EMAIL”.

The channel that you should have chosen to do  promotion is WeChat! As this is the medium where the Chinese consumers live and breathe.


In the first quarter of 2016, the number of monthly active WeChat users is more than 700 million. In addition, a roughly 630 million WeChat users  are situated in China, which is approximately 46% of the total population in China, and more than the entire population of United States.

Apply your CRM strategy on WeChat

In WeChat, you can send messages or articles to individual user once they have followed your brand. You can also give tags to users and segment them into different groups. A tailored WeChat push allows you to reach the right audience, with the right content and at the right moment. 

“The key ingredient to better content 

is separating the single from the stream.”

David Hahn

Don’t hesitate and start your action now

Many users sign up WeChat account with basic personal information. In order to capture more insights, it is a must to use the autoresponder function in WeChat. This enables you to keep track of users’ behaviour, their preferences, and thus, segment users with different tags. If you want to setup business in China, start action now and build your CRM on WeChat.