Digital governance is key

Want to grow digitally? Don't forget governance.

Do you know the digital maturity of your organization? Do your teams inspire each other? Why is IT developing a marketing tool you don’t really need? Are your local efforts aligned with your global strategy? 

Governance to the rescue

Do these questions sound familiar? The majority of digital marketers struggle to align their organization with their digital strategy. In Belgium, 60% to 70% of marketers struggle with digital. 

The solution: add a governance layer to your digital strategy. Only an integrated approach that ties organizational change to your digital strategy, will help you move forward. 

For every next step in your digital strategy, consider the impact on your team, policies and working standards. Doing this beforehand will help you gain speed, efficiency and credibility.

This Slideshare will help you get started 


Need some help to get started? Check this SlideShare with the basics on governance. 


Why governance should be part of every digital marketing strategy from DLW_Digital

Want to know even more? 

Check out our webinar on governance

delaware webinar on governance from Delaware Digital on Vimeo.