Oh, yes! Lots of B2C companies have already successfully activated social media. And B2B companies clearly got the message to do alike. as a … uh, well, that might the most difficult one. Describing the exact use of social media …because…it is not possible to ‘not’ use social media as a company these days!

"“We find that Instagram photos also drive engagement across our other channels, so we cross-post ” Kate Keating - IBM"

#1 Don’t act as B2B but go H2H

H2H stands for human-to-human. It may sound strange but B2B companies do have people too. Your clients are as human as you are and are definitely into social media. And as people love to buy from people, it can be a good idea to communicate as people, not as products nor services. Especially on social platforms that are designed to stimulate human interaction.

#2 Some platforms are dying, others …

For B2C companies Facebook remains a popular platform, whereas for B2B LinkedIn might be more relevant. And oh yes you’ve heard the news, Twitter is dying. But the biggest challenge remains; how do I proof to the board that working hard on social pays off…


#3 The winner is INSTAGRAM

As platform like Facebook (eg fake news) and Linkedin are being polluted day by day, it is more-over platforms that have less clickable options but heavily support visual identities that are rapidly taking over. Instagram (Facebook owned) is the big winner (see infographic).

FOODCASE: Desktop in a chef’s cuisine? The chef’s mobile is in his pocket and only 1 click away to go social – to get inspired – in 9 seconds

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#4 And what about

- Instagram Stories is a perfect tool to prove that your company is living object and a way to document al sort of activities;

- Discover ‘Unum’ to plan, create and theme your posts to 1 visual identity

- It’s not just #cats and #food but you can learn from these high runners to visualize your business

- The numbers tell the tale: tools like ‘AgoraPulse’, ‘Iconosquare’ or just ‘Instagram Insights’ are highly productive to measure your efforts so you can sharpen your results.


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