You have been working on it for months, and finally it’s there: your new website is LIVE!
And then comes the sobering reality: why aren’t we doing better than before? Here are 3 steps to help you on your way.

Register with Google Search Console

This free tool allows you to spot low-hanging fruit: queries that show your website as a result for a large amount of searches, but having a low CTR.

Find your listing and use the following guidelines to optimise it.


Having an SEO friendly CMS is one thing. Using the available SEO features, however, should be incorporated in the daily way-of-working. Alas, this is often overlooked the closer one gets to the go-live date…

Optimize the on-page copy

The meta title of the page will become the title on Google: mention the keyword first, and limit to 70 characters.

The meta description of the page will become its description lines on Google. Limit to 155 characters, end with a clear call-to-action, mention a USP and – of course – the keyword.

The URL should be readable to humans and contains the keyword.

Make sure all 3 items are unique for each page on your site.

"Semantic search applies meaning to the connections between the different data nodes of the Web."
David Amerland

Leverage the powers of the semantic web

Where applicable you can use micro formats to decorate your search listings: Event for your calendar of upcoming events, LocalBusiness for shops, Recipe, etc.

Or one that is as universal as can be: the BreadcrumbList, which can transform the URL of your listing into a breadcrumb.