SEA consultancy revolves around your customer

According to our survey 28% of Belgian companies who use Google Adwords think it’s an owned media. That says it all…

Search engine advertising is very common in today’s digital landscape. A lot of companies use Google Adwords to reach their potential customers, but only a few of them truly understand it(s capabilities). 

Adwords consultants that will make you triumphant

In order to become meaningful in your customer’s lives you need to address the right person with the right message at the right time. Our Google Adwords consultants are trained to disclose the moment so that you can have a purposeful impact on your customers’ everyday lives. 

Be slick, pay per click

We believe every customer has his own needs. That’s what makes segmentation so important. Throughout the years our SEA consultants have become masters in this matter, but we keep pushing ourselves to be greater. We aim to personalize our adverts to the segment of one.

As you do, we take cost efficiency very seriously, that’s why we like Adwords so much. The pay per click (PPC) system makes it possible to customize our bidding strategy for each campaign individually. PPC makes conversions more affordable than ever before!

A/B test to get impressed

It’s so important to run different campaigns and test different ads and landing pages to see which ones work best. After running the A/B tests, our consultants carefully select the best campaigns to run them on a higher PPC and daily budget. This way we minimize our cost per conversion

Search engine advertising keeps you going

Search engine advertising platforms keep adding new features. That’s why our SEA consultants stay up to date in the ever-changing world of SEA.

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