How to leverage customer moments through marketing automation?

In a hands-on #dlwebinar on 21 April, Delaware Digital & Selligent have shown you why e-mail marketing isn’t enough to satisfy your customer’s needs. We demonstrated how automation is the essential next step and where to begin. 

Every digital marketer will agree: marketing automation and personalization is the way forward, but where to begin? Personalized e-mails, yes, but how do you evolve towards true omni-channel marketing? 


"Customers will be in the driver seat of personalized marketing automation. The challenge is to let every interaction fit in the customer's schedule, it's all about context and timing."

A hands-on webinar

Our speakers have shared their best practices on moving away from e-mail campaigning towards automated omni-channel marketing. Learn from their insights and kick-start your own projects. 

  • Kurt Vergult, Delaware Digital. Your host.
  • Ine Laleman, Delaware Digital. Performance & Acquisition Specialist.
  • Thierry Téchy, Selligent. Thierry shared his best practices in starting with marketing automation and how to stay ahead of the pack.
  • Jeroen Pompen, Carré Couture. Jeroen shared his vision on automating customer moments to create an amazing experience in online fashion.

What we have learned

  • Why e-mail marketing isn’t enough in 2016
  • Why marketing automation is key to improve your ROI & operational efficiency
  • How Selligent keeps moving forward in marketing automation
  • Why your customer moments are key
  • Which set-up you need to get started
  • What automated tactics can make you successful

Want to learn more?

For more information about marketing automation and what Delaware Digital and Selligent can mean to your company, contact our in-house marketing automation expert Ine Laleman.