Discover here how the new GDPR will impact your company as of May 2018.

EU is catching up

Personal data is nested in all layers of your organization: Marketing, Sales, HR, Finance, …

Will this regulation really strengthen individuals’ rights … or  will it only involves your company in a whole lot of red tape?

Impact on your business, actions to be set up:

  • Put in place data protection assessments
  • Maintain an inventory of all personal data processed.
  • Develop processes that protect privacy by design and by default
  • Note that data processors will be responsible and accountable
  • Assign a data protection officer, depending on company size
  • Be transparent of data processing

Only 15% feel they have complete control over the information they provide online; one in three people (31%) think they have no control over it at all.

Special Eurobarometer 431 - Data protection, June 2015

Will this GDPR strengthen Citizen’s rights?

What's in it for the citizens?

  • Right to be forgotten
  • Right to transfer data
  • Consent is required
  • Access to own data
  • Information about data breaches

"Risk fines up to € 20 million or 4% of your turnover."