A broken link, page not found, technical updates, can’t subscribe now, not mobile friendly, odd design,…
This is what happens when you come across these digital failures: NO CONVERSION!

Why is testing important?

I was looking for a nice pair of new shoes. So I googled for a fancy webshop. Landing on an overview page I was able to apply some filters and there they are… The perfect shoes that I was looking for. So I clicked on the photo and navigated to the detail page, ready to order my shoes. A big ugly looking screen comes up: page not found. You know what happened? I never visited that website again.
Not only test your new website on your standard browser on your desktop. But do click on every single button, in different browsers, on different devices, in all kinds of resolutions. Try to find as many bugs or weird looking pages as you can in these different environments. Not to annoy your team and overwhelm them with work, but more importantly, to make sure the website users don’t find the same bugs.

Who is "the tester"?

• You have more open tabs in your browser then a normal user opens in a year
• You own 50% of the user profiles of the company
• You have clicked every link on the website with your eagle eye for detail
• You subscribed for every newsletter, activity, competition,…

"Make every interaction count, even the small ones. 
They are all relevant" 

Shep Hyken

What to test?

In my experience, it is important to test everything on the new website. This will include links, cookies, responsiveness, forms, storage of data, e-mails, performance. Not only test the frontend, but also the backend and the different integrations. And it’s fun!