Digital is eating the world; become a predator, not a prey…

A goal without a plan is just a dream. But a clear performance indicator may turn your digital legacy into an actionable roadmap without losing track. A track of transformation that perfectly fits the company’s needs, being future proof. And of course, a happy family of solid KPI’s will help to make that party.

The most sustainable end goals are transcending all silos, departments and do involve all executive teams.

What about setting a strategic performance indicator that involves your company’s most valuable asset: your customer!

Let’s prioritize, Mr CEO

In order to make digital transformation a sustainable impact for your company, it’s the CEO’s call to prioritize:

1) Decide where change is needed most

2) Orchestrate the change

3) Put the CDO in the orchestrator role

4) Fully empower a cross team

5 steps for the CDO to kickstart digital transformation:

1) Pin your strategic performance indicator on the wall as a clear check point and act upon it. So only activate those transformation projects that will contribute to realize your end goal.

2) Focus on the quick wins first. Change can be a company’s enemy. Therefor in digital transformation, it is crucial to book successes as fast as possible.

3) Value drives transformation. Putting digital customer experience over digital operational excellence will create value for your clients … and for the business.

4) Act upon the prioritized roadmap and upon your company’s readiness for adaptation. Of course, you’ve understood already to act agile but growing to become agile is even important.

5) Follow your roadmap. But don’t forget that digital transformation has no end point. The digital world has already evolved while you are in the middle of your transformation process. So you might need to adapt your plan/roadmap on the fly.

Dear CDO,

you will be measured by the impact and value you can create via your digital transformation track. And it will be your customer that will give you the final rating. He is in or out! So you better prepare thoroughly. Want to learn more? Check this slideshare or contact delaware | digital

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