To meet our customers’ demands, we have to invest in a customer experience that is fun, easy and efficient. To do so, we need to reach a higher level of digital maturity.


Start-ups offer innovative solutions for customers’ most pressing needs; like this, they push the boundaries of whatever was the norm before. Traditional organizations find it difficult to come to terms with today‘s digital trends and to use them to better serve their customers.

The readiness with which companies can embrace digital trends and incorporate them to create a brand new customer journey – in other words, their digital maturity – will be instrumental to their success and even their survival.


To learn more about the digital maturity of belgian companies, we interviewed 213 of them. We asked questions on two major topics: digital intensity and the digital organization


We created a list of 42 questions that would allow us to map the overall digital maturity on two axes: the intensity of digital activities (elements visible for the customer) and operational aspects related to digital within the organization (strategy, governance, tools).

On average, companies awarded themselves a 6.5/10.


It has become clear that there is an intricate link between digital maturity and customer experience. Digital maturity will become the means to create a customer experience that is fun, efficient and easy. Download our whitepaper to find out more.