We love digital! But as it comes to reading digital we are lazy. Studies revealed that users will only read 20% of the content on your page.

So if you obey to the general rules of UX design and visual design, you are at least out of scope or even more … out of business.

#1 Think image


People can remember more than 2500 images with at least 90 percent accuracy for days after initial exposure. Words actually don’t exist … to our brains, at any rate. We don’t see words as a series of letters. We see them as pictures.

John Medina in Brain Rules

#2 It’s all about people


People stroll on the internet. People look for pages that they don’t know yet. People do spend ages of time trying to avoid the digital clutter. So do design for people. Learn about people and the way they are build by nature.

"The most essential piece for success as a digital designer is empathy for the person at the other end of the computing device. Derek Featherstone - Accessibility expert"

#3 The winner is the best tester


You can only test 1 topic at a time to get a clear interpretation of the A/B test.

If you happen to test more than one subject on a page it will be not clear anymore on how the performance went up or down.

And repeat until you discovered your best performing recipe.



Coolest designer: Unfortunately it is not about being/acting as the coolest designer. A great UX designer nor visual designer would ever oppose their personal opinion to judge a design. Just ask your users.

UX DIY Checklist

#4 And what about


- Our experts have had the best results using a fontsize of 15 pixels;

- It is a better idea to write less and with a max of 12 words per line;

- It’s always a better idea to design your CTA’s in a different colour than your brand colour;

- Next to your 1 primary CTA, you can add a secondary CTA in each block. But respect a clear hierarchy in your CTA’s;

- And don’t forget white space as a design element.


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