The time that the marketer was lord and master over your personal details seems to be on the way out. Europe is threatening to impose restraints on all such data but is it all just huff and puff? Ministers and State Secretaries like to chat on Facebook and the like, and claim to be working hard to safeguard our privacy (or is this just electioneering?). Why? Well, because I – just like anyone else – like being able to tell friends that they (Big Brother) “will not be getting to know anything about me’. 

I hate getting unasked-for, impersonal (mass) emails (86% of all newsletters contain an impersonal push, cf. research done in association with KdG Hogeschool (a Flemish University College) – published in Oct 2016). So, for a while now, I’ve been pursuing a new hobby: searching for the hidden button to unsubscribe me. Secondly, I shout my dissatisfaction from the rooftops on social media and there I’m a digital whore as far as personal data is concerned.

It’s my life, my behavior and my precious time…so I prefer to sit in the driver seat of my user profile. So let me choose how and where I want to see my personal details used. What do you reckon to a clear and comprehensible dashboard in which – with just a few clicks – I can update my profile so that you can you better understand what I want. That’s what you (the e-marketer) are after too, isn’t it? To serve me, the customer, better and more precisely?

"It’s my life, my behavior and my precious time… so I prefer to sit in the driver seat of my user profile."

I am willing to even share my purchasing behavior, so long as I ultimately benefit. Those details shouldn’t saddle me with a whole host of other products solely and only because you have a (new) sales target! 

It would interest me immensely if hi-tech could help me receive predictive sales proposals that make my life easier. But I don’t know if you’re ready for that yet, my dear Chief Digital Officer.