As the world of e-commerce continues to change, give your customers a consistent and meaningful experience - across every channel, every time.


Managing multichannel e-commerce presents challenges for you and your customers. Using Hybris, you can reach your customers at all moments that matter.

Using Hybris, you are able to remove between digital and physical commerce. Systems on different channels will be adapted whether by connecting to ERP, web, or physical storefronts to create moments that drive decisions.


What criteria would your customer use, to differ your advertising from the marketing clutter? Is it simply relevance or is it more? Hybris offers the solution.


Being consistent throughout different channels is key to delivering excellent customer experience. In order to do so Descours & Cabaud is now able to communicate in a full omnichannel approach (e-commerce websites, electronic catalogs) and editorials (paper).



As well as all roads lead to Rome, all channels should guide the visitors to and through your website. Whether it is for e-commerce or marketing purposes, Hybris offers the solution in customer data management and unified commerce processes for all your channels.